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LogoFry.com is an online megastore for readymade logos, that makes buying logo designs affordable, simple and easy. You can choose from thousands of predesigned readymade logos on sale from LogoFry gallery. The select logo by the client can further be finetuned as per client requirement for colors, typography (writing style). Once a Logo is SOLD out, its removed from our website logo gallery, making it unique Logo only for you.

iMedia launched LogoFry.com - the online megastore readymade Logos and Stationary Design.

LogoFry.com is a heaven for Customers looking for fast delivery, cost effective readymade logos and stationary design. We deliver - everytime - on time.
If you are looking for special custom made premium logos, you can take our main logo services, read more about it at www.logo-company.in

Inhouse iMedia Studio

iMedia has an Inhouse Studio for Sketching, Storyboarding, Art Direction, Photography, Productshoot, Client Support.

best Logo-Naming-Corporate Identity-Brand Consulting
Founder and CEO - Vijaya

Vijaya is a well known Branding consultant, working on various National & International Visual Communication Projects for various medias covering Print, Web, Digital & Social Networking.

VJ hold a Bachelor degree in science and a masters degree in arts, backed up with an advance diploma in Graphics Design. She has been actively working from last 12 years with various SMEs and Start-ups for Web Design Studio, Press and Non-profit Organizations.

She has co-authored various Books, CDs, magazines and articles covering various insights of Branding & Creative Designs.

Vijaya directly manages the Customer relationship and sales for one-one client feedback and support.

best Logo-Naming-Corporate Identity-Brand Consulting
Founder and Creative Director - Sushant

A born creative person, thinker, brand consultant, traveler, photographer, meditation master, spritual guru, public speaker and master in Information Technology. In last 20 years, Sushant has built an impressive international portfolio of over 5000 + projects both on national and the global front. He has a passion for generating creative ideas & brand experience that help to transform client's businesses. He work passionately with small & medium sized businesses from across the world. Sushant has successfully delivered projects with various Advertising & Interactive Media Agencies like eDynamic Corporation Canada, GIGA Informatics Newyork, MaCann Ad Agency, SIS, e2 Solutions, IIS Webcity, Spearhead Digital Studio, Brand Generators, Quadra NINE, Infopark, Arena Multimedia... the list is long:)

His practical experience covers a wide range countries, business sectors, culture and delivery medias. He has provided consultation in almost all verticals like Hospitality, Tourism, ITes, Pharma, Real Estate, FMCG, Education, Retail, Finance, Sports, Entertainment. He is winner of several awards and is covered regularly by various Design Portals, Newspapers & Magazines, including "Adobe.com Showcase". In free time, Sushant loves to chill out with Playstation and Mobile games.